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Buckle Up, We’re Heading Into Storm Season

May 02, 2022

As a business opportunity, VetCor’s primary value proposition for consumers is the remediation services we provide due to water and mold damage. As a franchise owner, you’ll serve both residential and commercial customers in your community at a time when they need immediate assistance – often following an unpredictable disaster. There are a wide variety of reasons VetCor customers need our help, including plumbing leaks, clogged gutters, blocked drains, damaged pipes, water heaters, and even malfunctioning sprinkler systems. But one of the leading causes of the type of water and mold damage that VetCor handles typically comes from above, in the form of severe weather.

And it’s now May, time to buckle up, because we’re heading into the heart of storm season. And the damage caused by these natural disasters is often catastrophic.

VetCor franchise owners have a history and track record of rapid deployments to handle such instances. Just last August, in the wake of the devastation in Louisiana due to Hurricane Ida, four different VetCor owners swung into action and answered the call. Combined, these owners worked with nine different insurers and three third-party administrators to handle over 700 roof-tarping claims, two dozen tree removals, and an untold amount of hours spent mitigating water damage and preventing mold. All told, these restorations added up to more than two million in revenue.

So, what does the severe weather outlook and Atlantic hurricane season look like for 2022? We looked it all up and found some interesting forecasts and predictions:

  • According to AccuWeather, the worst of storms predicted this season may hit areas outside of the traditional tornado alley in the Midwest. Recent trends and analysis expect activity to shift to the east into the upper Mississippi Valley and Deep South regions
  • Between 200-275 tornadoes are predicted in the month of April alone, well above the typical average of 155
  • In May, meteorologist expect to see between 140-190 tornadoes, but also bouts of straight-line winds and heavy rain associated with the shifting jet stream

Hurricane season officially begins on June 1 and ends on Oct. 31, but AccuWeather’s predictions on the number of named storms have already been released. For some historical perspective, there were 30 named storms in 2020 and 21 named storms in 2021. Here’s what else we can expect:

  • Between 16-20 named hurricanes are expected, with six to eight of them reaching full hurricane status (winds above 74 miles per hour). The average number of named storms per year is 14
  • Where will these hurricanes be concentrated when it comes to landfall on the U.S. mainland? According to AccuWeather, along the southeast Texas coast – eastward through Florida, particularly the panhandle area, and the coast of the Carolinas

The consensus from the information we researched indicates that 2022 will be a more active year for severe weather outbreaks. And the damage caused by each of these instances is an opportunity for our VetCor franchise owners to step up, respond, deploy, and complete the mission of cleanup, damage remediation, and mold prevention. In a way, which reminds our veteran-owners of their time spent in the military, always ready to swing into action and be the hero.

VetCor has big plans to expand our operational footprint in 2022 and we’d love for you to become part of our family of teammates. Getting started is easier than you think – VetCor has a simple six-step process that takes you from an introductory phone call to ownership of your own business. If you feel stuck and want to do something about it, we’d like to hear from you. To begin reclaiming your destiny and control of your life, simply call (844) 838-2671 or fill out this online form on our website.

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