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The process of identifying all water damaged materials, including contents, and then executing applied structural drying techniques in order to return materials to an acceptable moisture content as quickly as possible to avoid secondary damages. The process may involve the controlled removal of some affected materials deemed unsalvageable, or directly interfering with access to other wet materials, and nearly all water damage mitigation projects include the use of specialized fans and dehumidifiers. Documentation of the process (photos and logs indicating daily drying progress) is included in this service. Our commitment is a 2-hour maximum response time from notification of the loss.

VetCor is a Mold Remediation licensed contractor (Florida). Mold Remediation involves an assessment of the mold damage and establishment of a protocol outlining specific measures required. The process begins with establishing engineering controls to prevent cross-contamination of unaffected areas. The formal remediation includes the removal of all mold damaged materials, and then a thorough cleaning of the contained area to ensure all residual mold spores have been removed. Once complete, a Post Remediation Verification (PRV) – conducted by a third-party licensed Mold Assessor – may occur to verify the remediation was performed successfully. Documentation of the remediation process is included in this service.

Fire losses often require water damage mitigation as part of the project, as well as the controlled removal of fire damaged materials / contents. Depending on the severity of the loss, structural materials can often be cleaned and salvaged. All affected areas are addressed with specialty cleaning techniques in accordance with industry standards of care, and specialty filtration equipment is employed to remove residual smoke odors. Our commitment is a 2-hour maximum response time from notification of the loss, and thorough documentation of the mitigation process.

VetCor’s highly trained crews are equipped to perform a wide variety of specialty board up and roof tarping missions. We perform both invasive (nailed down) and non-invasive (secured with sandbags) roof tarping depending on the condition of the damage and type of roof. Our commitment is a 2-hour maximum response time (except during major weather events) from notification of the loss, and thorough documentation of the service(s) performed.

VetCor’s tree and debris removal subcontractors are the best in the business. Each employ licensed arborists trained in the safe, efficient removal of any tree that has caused damage to property, and they are fully equipped to handle even the most complex of removals. Our normal response time for tree / debris removal is within 2-hours of loss notification (except during major weather-related events).

Dealing with biohazard cleanup situations resulting from a trauma scene or loss of life must be handled with utmost discretion, sensitivity and expert training. Incidents such as crime scenes, suicides and other biohazards involve removing and disposing of blood, tissue and other materials that can pose severe health risks to those nearby. The VetCor team work 24/7 to provide the expertise necessary to clean up and decontaminate trauma/biohazard circumstances properly.

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