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These Three Individuals All Took the ‘Vetrepreneur’ Route

Apr 13, 2022

We often use the term ‘vetrepreneur’ to describe any military veteran who organizes and manages a business enterprise. For us, that enterprise is VetCor Services – a franchise business opportunity that resides in the home services industry. Specifically, our business model is about mitigating the damage from water and mold – commonly referred to as remediation. Since the founders of VetCor happen to be military veterans themselves, we’ve designed this opportunity to reflect the culture, values, and norms embodied in the service to our country.

In this month’s blog, VetCor is proud to showcase three of our franchise owners – all of whom took the vetrepreneur route in life. As you read about their journeys, we hope that you gain some inspiration and motivation from hearing about their success. Taken from their testimonial videos, available in their entirety on the VetCor YouTube channel, here are their quotes about taking the entrepreneurial path in life.

Elizabeth Evans – Owner of VetCor of the First Coast (Jacksonville, FL)

“This isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Your success is directly proportional to your involvement as the franchise owner and the time you invest in making those local and regional relationships, as well as the larger insurance relationships. My business is profitable at this point and, knowing that there is a consistent need for mitigation over time, it’s a marathon not a sprint – so whatever you do, don’t get discouraged.”

Patrick Salmon – Owner of VetCor of Norcross, GA

“My son and daughter were working for VetCor, which is how I was introduced to the franchise opportunity. I wanted to build something with my kids, but I also wanted to be part of something bigger than myself. VetCor’s concept of putting veterans back to work was just a good fit for me. To succeed, you have to be patient with the process. You have to work at it. The resources from VetCor are there. During the investigative process, I was reminded that I’d be in business for myself, but not by myself – and every day, VetCor proves that. Take advantage of the resources that VetCor makes available, and you’ll succeed.”

Mike Caswell – Owner of VetCor of Pinellas County, FL

“I wanted to be part of building something in my community. With VetCor, you have veterans helping the very people that fought for our rights and everyday freedoms, start new careers. Everyone that works for VetCor, from the top brass down to the technicians are veterans or likeminded individuals. These are people who have dealt with adversity, worked under pressure and are results driven, giving them the unique ability to handle the very complex issues of large loss claims down to the smallest of losses. When comes to veterans putting veterans to work, it doesn’t get any better.”

VetCor has big plans to expand our operational footprint in 2022 and we’d love for you to become part of our family of teammates. Getting started is easier than you think – VetCor has a simple six-step process that takes you from an introductory phone call to ownership of your own business. If you feel stuck and want to do something about it, we’d like to hear from you. To begin reclaiming your destiny and control of your life, simply call (844) 838-2671 or fill out this online form on our website

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