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Work Authorization

This Agreement is between VetCor, LLC (“VetCor”), a Florida limited liability company located at 6996 Anderson Road in Tampa, Florida, and the undersigned Customer for services to be provided at the below- identified Job Site.

  1. Consent to perform In exchange for the performance of restoration services for water, mold, or other damages to Customer’s property, Customer grants VetCor a license to access the Job Site and perform any and all actions that VetCor deems necessary and appropriate, in VetCor’s sole good-faith judgment, to restore Customer’s property to the best of its ability.
  2. Interference and work stoppage. In the event any government entity, act of god, loss of electricity, unforeseen casualty, or third-party actor, or if the Customer interferes in any way with VetCor’s ability to perform its recommended procedures, including the premature removal or relocation of drying equipment, Customer shall be estopped from bringing suit against VetCor as a result of such stoppage in contract, tort, or equity.
  3. Direct payment authorization. Customer authorizes and unequivocally instructs the direct payment to VetCor, LLC for any services performed by Customer agrees that any portion of work, deductibles, betterment, depreciation, or additional work requested by the undersigned Customer — not covered by insurance — must be paid solely by the undersigned immediately upon demand.
  4. Payments due to In the event Customer’s insurance company declines to pay VetCor for any its services, VetCor will send Customer an invoice. Any payments due to VetCor shall be paid within thirty (30) days of the date of invoice. Interest shall begin accruing upon unpaid invoices at 1.5% monthly.
  5. Property damage, loss, and use of antimicrobial Customer understands that VetCor may need to move or relocate furniture or other possessions in order to perform its services, and that such activity may pose the risk of permanent damage to Customer’s property. VetCor encourages Customer to relocate and protect its fragile, special, and valuable property before VetCor’s arrival on the Job Site (including jewelry, cash, weapons, and medications). Customer additionally understands that VetCor may utilize certain antimicrobial products in the course of providing services. Customer is encouraged to inquire as to whether VetCor       is utilizing antimicrobial products, and inquire as to the products’ name, but Customer is advised that VetCor is not qualified to answer any questions relating to the medical or toxicological effects of such products. Should Customer experience any suspicious or unusual effects after coming into contact with any antimicrobial agent, VetCor encourages Customer        to immediately contact a licensed medical professional.
  6. Limitation on liability. In exchange for the receipt of VetCor’s services, Customer covenants and agrees that he or she has received sufficient consideration to absolutely waive any and all legally-waivable causes of action in law and equity that may accrue against VetCor, LLC, its managers and members, its employees and agents, whatsoever, including actions arising as the result of negligence by any employee, manager, member, or agent of VetCor, LLC. This waiver is intended to waive claims for all forms of negligence: simple, ordinary, and gross. Should Customer bring a cause of action against VetCor, LLC and should such lawsuit be dismissed as the result of this provision, Customer shall pay VetCor, LLC its attorneys’ fees and costs expended as further described below.
  7. Attorneys’ fees and In the event of a legal action or other proceeding arising under this Agreement or a dispute regarding any alleged breach, default, collections action, claim, or misrepresentation arising out of this Agreement, whether or not a lawsuit or other proceeding is filed, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, whether incurred before suit, during suit, or at the appellate level. The prevailing party shall also be entitled to recover any attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in litigating the entitlement to attorneys’ fees and costs, as well as in determining or quantifying the amount of attorneys’ fees and costs due to it. The reasonable costs that the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover pursuant to this Agreement shall include any costs that are taxable pursuant to any applicable statute, rule, or guideline (including, but not limited to, the Statewide Uniform Guidelines for Taxation of Costs), as well as costs not taxable thereunder. Such recoverable costs shall specifically include, but not be limited to, 1) costs of investigation; 2) costs for electronic discovery; 3) Westlaw, Lexis Nexis, or other electronic research service charges; 4) mailing, commercial delivery service, and courier charges; 5) travel expenses, whether for investigation, depositions, hearings, trial, or any other purpose; 6) any and all consultant or expert witness fees, whether or not such fees are incurred in connection with a court-ordered report or testimony at a deposition, hearing, or trial; 7) court reporter and transcript fees, whether for deposition, trial, or an evidentiary or non-evidentiary hearing; 8) mediator fees; and, 9) any other reasonable cost incurred by the prevailing party in connection with the dispute.
  8. Any determination of any court, government body, or otherwise, that any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision. Each provision shall be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent allowed by applicable law.
  9. Law and This Agreement shall be interpreted and construed by the laws of the State of Florida, and any cause of action arising from any controversy whatsoever relating to this Agreement shall be litigated in Hillsborough County, Florida and venued in the City of Tampa.
  10. The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that this Agreement contains the entire understanding among its parties as to all aspects of this Agreement’s subject matter. The plain language of this Agreement supersedes all express and implied prior and contemporaneous agreements, understandings, inducements, or conditions.
  11. Non-reliance. Any current or prior understandings, statements, representations, and agreements, oral or written, are void and have no effect unless such representations are specifically and exactly expressed within this Agreement. The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that he or she has not been induced to execute this Agreement on the basis of any representation or consideration not described or contained within this document, and warrants he or she has had sufficient opportunity to investigate the veracity of any and all representations contained herein.
  12. Signatures and Binding Customer signifies agreement to this Agreement by its signature below. The undersigned warrants that he or she has actual authority bind undersigned to the terms of this Agreement.

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